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Quick-turnaround contractor services

Project Teams, SMEs and Contracted Cover

If you’re building a team to deliver a project, need a subject matter expert, or are just looking to fill a gap, then we have a solution.

Contractors provide flexibility to scale teams up and down to suit your needs on an interim basis. We can provide entire teams to suit your requirements, make introductions to industry experts, or provide short-term cover to ensure you keep things running smoothly.

  • Interim, Temporary & Contract Recruitment
  • Flexibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Speed-to-hire
  • Access to specialist skills
  • A fresh perspective

Trusted Partners

Beagle sees itself as an ambassador to its clients and its candidates. This means thoroughly engaging and understanding the business and the identity of the purpose of the role; it also means understanding the personality that fills it. We exist to create value for our partners, listen, learn, and understand. We will always be available. Your requirements will always be a priority, attached to a face and a name you know and trust.

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