Demand for software experts pushes tech salaries higher in UK

Despite a flatlining UK economy, and recessionary clouds gathering, in the tech sector the competition for skilled staff remains intense, even as software job openings reportedly dip on a global scale.

Computer coders and software developers are “still finding that it’s still a jobseeker’s market, with employers offering a range of generous perks and benefits in a bid to attract the best candidates,” according to tech recruitment platform CodinGame, although it noted that across the rest of the job market “the job creation boom is fizzling fast. The number of job vacancies has now fallen for two months in a row as many employers rethink their hiring plans.”

Demand for software experts pushes IT salaries higher in UK

One in six ditching job offer from employers low-balling on pay

Duncan Carter

Duncan Carter

Digitial Marketing Manager at Beagle Talent

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