Marketing skills you should have in your business in 2023

Marketing skills you should have in your business in 2023

Making money is the crux of any business. Whatever industry you choose your startup to be in, your main aim will be turning a profit. Even if you know your chosen industry inside out, if you don’t have the necessary business skills, it will be tricky for you to succeed.

Marketing is integral to business. It’s what promotes your product or services, message, and brand to the consumer. It grabs their attention, attracts them and makes them want to buy from you. And the more people do business with you the more your organization is able to grow to the scale you want.

A marketer’s job is to use data and numbers and turn them into genuine stories of what’s going on with a brand. They often do this with blog content creation, paid social, book marketing, and even eBooks. But not just sharing what the brand has done.

Verbal communication is important as well, both for positions that involve speaking directly with potential buyers and those that do not. Since marketing is often a team effort, marketers must be able to communicate effectively within their own team and within their company.

Here are our thoughts on the most in-demand marketing skills in 2023 and beyond.


Social Media


Social media presence is becoming a vital factor in calculating rankings. These days, to secure a successful ranking, SEO requirements are continuously varying. Therefore, it is no longer enough to simply optimize your website and regularly update your blog. Businesses sharing their content on social media are sending out a brand signal to search engines that speaks to your brand validity, integrity, and constancy.
Keep in mind, the average internet user has 8.4 social media accounts, so you can connect with them on different platforms for different purposes. For example, you could use Facebook to build your audience and generate leads, and Twitter for customer service.

According to the Sprout Social Index, Edition XVII: Accelerate, 33% of consumers prefer to reach out to brands on social media with a customer service issue or question. Not only do you have to listen to and understand the concerns, demands and even praise of current customers, but you also have to be proactive about what future customers might say. It’s equally important to be able to read a DM and identify the “why” behind what a customer is upset about, as it is to be able to find a clever way to surprise and delight a long-time fan.




So, as we move into 2023, those who boast SEO skills are in high demand. Unsurprisingly, BrightEdge found that 53.3% of all website traffic and 40% of revenue comes from organic traffic. To ensure your website shows up for these important terms, your marketers need to use their SEO skills.

Search engines, as you know, are a regular part of the customer journey for just about any business. Whether they’re seeking the closest hair salon, looking at catering options for an upcoming event, or comparing features for a car, consumers look to search engines to help them make confident purchasing decisions.

As you begin this process, remember that “great SEO is done by humans, for humans.” For great SEO, you absolutely need the right people.




Copywriting is a different skill from other writing (blog writing or technical writing, for example) because you need to be able to capture attention, communicate value, and inspire action with a limited number of words and space. You also need to be able to shift gears easily, as the expectations and mindset of an audience varies depending on platform.

Good copywriters never stop improving. They don’t wake up one day and think, “Wow, my writing is perfect; I’ll never have to change it again.” That would be absurd.
Good copywriters also understand the importance of this procedure. Certain industries are hard to understand, and there may be some growing pains as they figure out how to speak to the right audience or describe a certain product or service. The learning process may be extensive and difficult, but in the end, it’ll help them create content that’s actually meaningful and useful.
Good copywriting will help to convince, inform, and communicate, prompting readers to engage with your product or service and this is one of the most important skills that a marketer can have.

It is crucial that you understand who your audience is and the type of language they’re looking for, the phrases and acronyms they’ll understand, and the tone or sense of humour that they will relate to. This can make your writing become far more engaging and useful – and will improve the reception of your article, which should hopefully, in turn, see you getting more work from the client.


Video Marketing


Sale videos are most successful when simple and straight to the point, teasing either a percentage discount, a single product, or a sample of three or more reduced-price products. A clear call-to-action is essential, like ‘Shop sale now’, along with a time limitation, like ‘Today only’ or ‘Don’t miss out’.

And without a doubt, videos are the medium of choice for the audiences of the present era. Now that you know this fact, why not give customers what they want? By offering them the medium they prefer, you will actually get them closer to your products and services. And that too without putting in a lot of effort.

With sound, images, music and other engaging elements, video marketing has all the bells and whistles to attract viewers. It’s projected that adults will spend 80 minutes per day watching digital video by 2023.

A website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video. What about the future, you may ask. Well, video (and video marketing by default) is only going to get bigger.


Marketing Automation:


Through tracking and analysis of visitor behaviour, the best marketing automation software enables teams to create 1-to-1 cross-channel journeys that lead to a unified experience for the customer. This improves the efficiency of a sales funnel, quickly turning a broad base of leads into happy customers by using a combination of tactics.

Marketing automation specialists may work as a team or individually, but they will certainly have a close relationship with other marketers and managers in the company. For this reason, having management and collaboration skills is necessary for this job position

While those working with marketing automation technology don’t necessarily need to be graphic designers and copywriting specialists, they do need to have an eye for great content. Furthermore, they need to be able to collaborate to produce content that resonates with their target audience. The best marketers are creating content that aligns with their segmentation strategy and makes use of automation features, like advanced personalisation, to take this to the next level.




It’s essential to understand what makes your business unique so you can find a way to communicate that message through your marketing campaigns.

Do you have all these marketing skills within your business? Speak to Beagle today. We have helped hundreds of brands hire the right staff in key positions, so you can focus on what you do best.

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