Insider Knowledge – Episode 6 with Sam Yates, Chief Solutions Officer, CSM and Creative Technology at Jellyfish

The UK’s economic future, jobs, wage levels, prosperity, national security, cost of living, productivity, ability to compete globally and our geo-political standing in the world are all reliant on continued and growing success in digital technology.


If businesses want to evolve with the rapid pace of digital change today, they must work to increase efficiency with technology wherever possible. For many, that means adopting agile principles across the business.


In a world where demand for Digital/IT talent outstrips supply, and adaptive skills are highly prized, companies need to be bolder and more deliberate in their workforce strategies. As we are increasingly faced with a growing skills shortage and gap, finding the right blend of people, processes and technology is top of mind for technology leaders globally.


Listen to this full podcast with Sam Yates, Chief Solutions Officer, CSM and Creative Technology at Jellyfish, where we discuss how adopting new technologies is rarely a smooth process for any organisation. It’s essential to select a tool for its ease-of-use as well as its technical benefits. You can speed technology adoption by communicating to employees how the change benefits them, providing adequate training, early adoption by team leaders, and incentives for achievement.


Good talent doesn’t like to be slowed down by old, hard-to-use technology. Good talent will simply go elsewhere — to a company with a more user-friendly and productive tech stack. Outdated strategies and legacy technology significantly impact downstream decision-making, the bottom line and the employee and customer experience.

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