A new report found that TikTok is the most valuable platform for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) advertisers. D2C ad spending on TikTok was up an eye-popping 231% over the past year, blowing Facebook, Snapchat, and Google’s growth numbers out of the water.


  • D2C ad spend on TikTok hit $30M in Q2 2022.
    • Google Ads had the second-highest ad spend in Q2.
  • The report, published by Triple Whale, analyzed $520M in ad spend across 5,000+ e-commerce stores.
  • Alexa Kilroy of Triple Whale said:
    • “Because the advertising function of TikTok is relatively new, costs are notably more affordable than those of Facebook… Smaller brands, less standardized in their operations, have the flexibility to use a portion of their marketing budget in order to source high-performing TikTok style content for their ad campaigns, especially due to the cost of efficiency of running ads on the platform itself.”
  • The largest D2C ad spend categories in Q2 were clothing ($153.5M) and health and beauty ($141.9M).

TikTok ranks as most valuable platform for DTC brands, study finds

Triple Whale's State of DTC Advertising annual report reveals brands generating annual revenue of $1 million to $5 million are buoying TikTok.

Duncan Carter

Duncan Carter

Digitial Marketing Manager at Beagle Talent

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