You’re a professional

You care about:

  • Hiring amazing people who have a tangible impact
  • Building meaningful relationships with industry experts
  • Getting actual value from a Recruitment partner with a bespoke service that works for you
  • Ensuring your brand values are upheld and amplified
  • Staying informed about market insights and industry trends

We’re a lot alike

Beagle are a Partner Led Search & Recruitment Firm focused on delivering timely, meaningful results that genuinely impact your business.

Partner Led

Data Driven

Brand Custodians

Naturally Selective


We are: Partner Led

A Director of the business will manage every aspect of your campaign.

No delegation. No outsourcing. No corner cutting. Ever.

We know what good looks like. We help our clients with job descriptions, benchmark roles and design and host interviews. We'll tell you if you're about to make a mistake before you do.

We know that clients come back to Beagle because of the level of expertise of their recruiters, and the service they and their new employees receive


We are: Data Driven

Everything happens for a reason—especially great recruitment.

That reason isn’t luck. It’s in-depth research, a proven methodology and a dedication to thoroughness. These are the details that ensure we deliver reliable results for our clients.

For you, it means up-to-date benchmarking, campaign reports, market insights and industry trends. We let you make informed, evidence-based decisions when it comes to hiring.


We are: Brand Custodians

We appreciate that reputation is everything. We’re honoured to enjoy the most exciting, prestigious, and well-loved businesses as retained clients.

We work quickly but carefully. Everyone involved in the recruitment process is treated with honesty, integrity and respect. Even those who don’t join you will have a positive experience.

Unfailing professionalism and absolute discretion:

Believe us, we’d love to show off our amazing clients' logos here… but we know the value of a partnership built on professionalism and discretion.


We are: Naturally Selective

We don’t work with just anyone.

Before taking on any work, we ensure that expectations and timelines are realistic and achievable and that we have a network who will be interested. If not, we’ll say so.

Once we’ve taken on your brief, you can be sure your campaign gets the attention it deserves. We’ll never take on work we can’t deliver or spread ourselves too thinly.

We’ll be with you from start to finish.

Trusted Partners

Beagle sees itself as an ambassador to its clients and its candidates. This means thoroughly engaging and understanding the business, the identity of the role's purpose, and the personality that fills it. We exist to create value for our partners, listen, learn, and understand. We will always be available. Your requirements will always be a priority, attached to a face and a name you know and trust.

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