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True, lasting impact can only be achieved with excellent service and expert knowledge. One without the other is often of transactional value, but falls short of the standards Beagle strive for.


Our Philosophy

1. Choose Collaboration Over Competition

2. Listen and deliver an agenda, as if it were your own

3. Knowledge and Execution in equal measure.

Meet Our Team

Beagle seek out the fastest learners and the
relentlessly resourceful.

Tim Dixon

Started his recruitment journey in 2005, setting about building what became some of the most successful UK Tech Recruitment teams, notably in Healthcare, Marketing And Security & Defence.

Developed the tech presence for a National recruitment business, building and managing multi-million pound accounts over 15 years, from multiple offices up and down the UK, across several sectors at Board level.

Passionate about identifying delivery ‘best practice’ in all of its forms and applying these to Beagle services, having found kindred spirits in Marketing and Data.

Antony Johnson

Antony Johnson

Moved to London in 2012 and spent 8 years working as the consultant expert of choice on key programmes including ERP implementations and digital transformations for major global businesses.

Initially solely within Healthcare Technology, Digital And Data. After successfully building a large footprint within Private Healthcare he led a division responsible for all Private-Sector Technology And Digital for the South of England.

Now with Beagle, he continues to provide industry expertise, guidance and Technology And Digital focused recruitment solutions to clients.

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